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 Grand Day out

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PostSubject: Grand Day out   Grand Day out I_icon_minitimeMon Dec 14, 2009 9:10 am

My better half bought me a joint birthday/Christmas present, my birthday was last September and I got some vouchers for a day out with some birds of prey Very Happy (It has been an ambition of mine for years to have a bird of prey on my arm)

There's various packages available but she doesn't do things by halves and booked a full day! cheers

Today was the day and so off we set for Cheshire Waterlife Falconry Service, we arrived and met some others who were on the course too. Our guide for the morning was a chap called Joe and he took us for a "Meet the birds" He gave us a chat on the various birds we would be handling and then introduced them to us, we then made our way to the flying arena, 1st up was Buzz the Buzzard (Original name I thought) Buzz would fly up to a post or a tree and sit there, and as soon as he saw Joe putting some meat on our glove he came in for it

Believe it or not you could hardly tell he was on your arm, so light, weihing at less than 2lbs Shocked We all had a couple of goes with him and then it was onto Bomber, a Harris Hawk. We were told how this was one of the few birds of prey that will hunt in groups of up to 40 which means the prey has virtually no chance whatsoever

Grand Day out IMG_0318
Grand Day out IMG_0311

One of the most popular birds, due to the Harry Potter films is the Snowy Owl, what a stunning creature

Grand Day out IMG_0328
Grand Day out IMG_0326
Embarrassingly I can't rememeber what type of eagle this was But the mornings session was finished with this chap

Grand Day out IMG_0329

We retire back to the centre for a much needed brew and to get some warmth back into our toes. The others then said their farewells and were off. We then had some lunch and then the afternoon was EAGLE ENCOUNTER We had a new guide, Dean, who explained that I must be one of the luckiest people around because there was only me booked on for the afternoon session and so it was a 1-1 and would get loads of flying time, and would I mind if we flew a more than normal (AS IF!!!!!)

We start off with this fella, a Verreaux Eagle Owl, apparently one of the rarest wild owls in the world.
Grand Day out IMG_0332
Once done with him I get the honour of walking back to the centre with him and then it's the turn of the Marshall Eagle called Snowflake, again we are told loads of facts and one that stands out is it's the 2nd strongest in the bird world and can squeeze with it's talons a nice soft pressure of 3000psi (Yes 3 thousand )

Grand Day out IMG_0307
We get down to the arena and for wahtever reason he didn't want to play ball, Dean was very embarressed about this but said when we get back he would make up for it. Dean passes him to me and then puts a dead Quail in my gloved hand and the bird just ripped into it.

Once finished I think he was eyeing up some dessert
Grand Day out IMG_0344
Whilst at the centre Dean got out one of the retired owls for me (Called Kevin)

Grand Day out IMG_0324

I also feed a few chicks to these critters "Peggy Sue" the Peregrine
Grand Day out IMG_0338

and Hercules (A hybrid eagle)
Grand Day out IMG_0342
Finally it was time for my last bird of the day, a White Tailed Sea Eagle called Aaron, most of the other birds I could use a "normal" glove but for this fella I had to have an extra long one due to his huge feet.
Grand Day out IMG_0358
Grand Day out IMG_0360
Grand Day out IMG_0370

So, an absolute fantastic day and the memories will stay with me forever

Mark Cresswell
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GAPS Oshea

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PostSubject: Re: Grand Day out   Grand Day out I_icon_minitimeMon Dec 14, 2009 1:51 pm

cheers for sharing that mate.. Im lucky enough to see one of the snowyowls regulary on the river.I also get too see a few of the smaller british birds of prey (kestal's etc) around wear i live..
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Steve Howard
Steve Howard

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PostSubject: Re: Grand Day out   Grand Day out I_icon_minitimeMon Dec 14, 2009 4:25 pm

Nice one Mark!!

I have a big hunting background and have been lucky enough to actually hunt with falconers... I kept, bred and hunted with ferrets for many years, most of my life in fact, and have worked them in conjunction with birds of prey, bolting rabbits from their buries with the ferrets, or flushing them from cover with my dogs.

Red Tailed Kites, Harris Hawks, Buzzards, you name it... My fav has to be the Peregrine, they are truly amazing. I bred Barn owls for a few years, and have also owned a number of birds including Kestrels.

I cant offer a name off the top of my head for the bird you forgot its name, but I can tell you I've seen a fair few of them in Spain!

<(((< C4RP >)))> AL C4RPONE - AKA Steve Howard

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Jeff Lemaistre
Jeff Lemaistre

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PostSubject: Re: Grand Day out   Grand Day out I_icon_minitimeTue Dec 15, 2009 7:15 am

A memory for a life tiem that one Mark and those pics are stunning.

kind regards Jeff

Jeff Lemaistre

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PostSubject: Re: Grand Day out   Grand Day out I_icon_minitime

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Grand Day out
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